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All the way from Saint Petersburg, previously the Imperial Capital of Russia comes the mighty Grenouer. Founded in 1992 by vocalist Andrey Ind and guitarist Alexander Motor, Grenouer signed with the legendary Mausoleum Records label late 2012.

Originally playing a conventionally extreme form of metal, Grenouer gradually introduced melodic elements into their expertly crafted songs resulting into the totally unique form of heavy metal music they now produce. Surely the most prodigious heavy metal group toever emerge from the North, Grenouer will release their brand new album, "Blood On The Face" on May 10th in Europe, and July 9th in North America.

"Blood On The Face" (their seventh album by now) was produced by Dualized & Eddy Cavazza (Mnemic), Anssi Kippo (Children Of Bodom) and Joonas Koto, this team --assisted by Grenouer themselves --forged the band's outstanding musicianship into 12 mighty slabs of hard modern metal, expertly mastered by Mika Jussila at the Finnvox Studio.

The band has already canned a stunning video clip for "Brain Fever," and several more high quality videos will become available around the time of the album release.

Just as Peter the Great, expanded the Tsardom into a huge Russian empire that became a major European power, Grenouer aspire to become a dominating force in global heavy metal.


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