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О видео "Ed Tulipa "YOU BELONG TO ME" (Clip official HD)"

Realized by: Dani Andreu
Photography assistant: Sergi Garcia.
makeup: Laura Munt
Figurant: Meritxell Salvadó

Thanks to:
Ramon Civit, Ateneu Mulei, Tercocer, Miquel Sanmacario, Maria Teresa Massegur, Jordi Pasco, Kaku, Bado, Joan Tintoré, Miquel Olivé, Dani Pages, Valls Flors i Sonitrons.

Gravat a Molins de Rei, Castelldefels, Sant Bartomeu de la Quadra i El Papiol durant el mes d'Octubre de 2013.

Wrote in co Kerry (Ireland)
Music and words by Sergi Carós ©


i can tell how are the others
its so easy, can you see?
as a tree i need to touch ground
you belong to me

i've been running for a while
now is the time to know how far
then you start to realise
all i need is be in your arms
less is smaller

like a pen i need to roll it
like a frog i need to jump
and like you i had no good luck
in all fairness i felt glad
to be with you is so calm

i can walk now in green fields
was a dream for a long time
also was to be in the states
hold your hand in Central Park
as did another...

From Popterapia (La Produktiva Records 2011)


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